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RFID multi door Access control System

multiple door controler

This is a very widley used card based access control is low cost as it requires a single controler for upto 4 doors and the RFID readers are attached to the controler there can be upto 99 controlers which can be attached to each othere making this a system which can manage a large amount of employees entering through multiple doors, this system is cost effective more so when the number of doors that are to be controled is larger.

Compared to fingerprint system this is has the advantage that all the data of the cards is centraly located and card readers are placed at the door. Also the data can be viewed at the same time as it is exicuted. Also as compared to fingerprint device it is a low cost access control system also the data can be used for monitoring the attendance of the employees.

fingerprint access control and attendance system


Technical Specification

Number of cards
9,999 cards
Capacity of records
4,900 records
Number of readers
8  ( 4 IN, 4 OUT ) 
Door controll
4 Door
SYRIS RS485 format
Support software
Insignia software
DI /DO points
4 Data Input / 4 Data Output
LCD display
16 x 2 Char. (PCB: 8 x 2 Char)
Dimensions (mm)
135W x 175H x 45D (PCB:122W x 117H x 25D)





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